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User Info ITALY IS A DISASTER!; entered at 2020-03-25 15:58:35
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I just interviewed for a position as a pilot flying aerial survey... the main concern I shared with the hiring manager was if they foresaw large layoffs coming over the next year due to the present political immolation being committed by idiot politicians on a daily basis. Apparently, the government contracts havent been affected as of yet, and they didnt see them being affected over the next year. I guess time will tell.

I am definitely in the Get back to work, category of folks. My county (a Colorado ski town) has already watched about 70 percent of its workforce go idle, and to think its coming back when this blows over is complete and utter crap.

The economic fallout from this is going to make 2008-9 look like childs play.
2020-03-25 15:58:35