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User Info Damn People Are Stupid; entered at 2020-03-25 10:15:03
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Registered: 2011-10-12 Orange County, Ca
I get that we have many idiots in goobermint, but if what Karl writes is true and as many excellent reports are now showing, why the lockdowns?

They make no sense from a health standpoint and will do waaaaay more damage economically.

What is the real end game? Trial run to see how far sheeple can be pushed into giving up more rights? Bankrupt us all into socialism?

Karl has been right on this all along and from my anecdotal walking around food stores he was right . Very few distance themselves from each other and people still go out for walks or work etc.

Yet, based on the media and that clown Fauci youd think we were all going die.
2020-03-25 10:15:03