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User Info Damn People Are Stupid; entered at 2020-03-25 10:13:07
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Registered: 2019-07-06
At a large Texas hospital there 3 + patients on vents. The first is 8 days or so in. Pt had foreign travelled recently, proned on rotobed, max vent settings. Second has been on two days on pressers and 100% FIO2. Third is new last night.

There are a few other + pts in neg pressure rooms and a few other + were sent home.

Most of my regular FB feed friends are in clinical areas and they are max all in on mainstream quarantine stuff. Ive been bold enough lately to snipe at posts calling for petition signing and so on for max quarantine edicts as counties arent enough. How can the gov be so irresponsible to not go statewide?!

I get crickets on my posts except for one, an admin guy I used to work for. Had no idea he is such a flaming lib. When I mentioned seeing a model for 75 million US becoming upended with financial ruin he:
Ridicules importance of liberty and freedom in these times. How can I justify it?
Calls SIP an inconvenience
Discounts now failing restaurants because most fail anyway
Calls lockdown on businesses as being hurt
Suggests I think of the lockdown as a businessstress test
Demands a strong gov because without it keeps us from chaos
Is happy to work for the man as I have nothing to prove to myself by venturing out on my own
Worked hard to encourage my minister to cancel live services
Only relies on professionals for advice to implement this nonsense
And maybe best of all at my suggestion that our rulers at most should have allowed church services with use of masks his response is no that would burn valuable resources. As if everything begins, ends, and is solved by the hospital. Well guess f%#ing what? I already have masks before this sh#@ as many others do too.


2020-03-25 10:13:07