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"Can you provide a reference on that Italian sequencing story?"

Here's an Italian virologist on the subject:

Is it true that the virus had already arrived in Italy in November last year and therefore before the first atypical cases of pneumonia were discovered in China?

"This is well established, it clearly emerges from our studies at the University of Milan and from those of other groups of scientists."

They were also seeing outbreaks of pneumonia in the area late in December:

"In the last three months - confirms the medical director of ATS Cremasca, Roberto Sfogliarini- we have had 18 patients for pneumonia, while for five days now 12 have been confirmed"

Crema, I believe, is where most of the early cases were found late in February.

If the Chinese hadn't been covering up the outbreak, the Italian doctors would presumably have realized very quickly that it had reached Italy, and would have done their best to deal with it then. Instead, the response was delayed a couple of months, allowing it to spread widely.
2020-03-14 22:13:11