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User Info A Note On The Screamers; entered at 2020-03-14 17:36:54
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I'm not screaming because I get it that you know it's a klusterfuk. And I'm not blaming orange man for getting us here...

I am however pissed at the Senate Republicans for their ****ary.

I've seen a lot of folks who are complaining... especially liberals...that Mitch McConnell has decided the Senate is not going to take up its coronavirus Bill until Monday....

Even though the house has already passed a bill in the president has Tweeted that he will sign it when the Senate passes.

This is my complaint: if the bill is really supposed to be a good thing...which is debatable.... and if we need Congress to take more additional measures cuz it really is a f****** emergency....

The Constitution specifically gives the President the authority to call Congress into session.

So if we want to direct your frustration at Mitch and both parties, why don't y'all start yelling at Trump to use some of that authority that he has to make the Senate show up and do their damn jobs.

Call for a joint session starting at 6 a.m. Sunday morning and tell him if their asses are not there he is going to direct the sergeant-at-arms to deputize US Marshals in every state to come arrest they're f****** asses and drag them in to the ****ing Chamber.
2020-03-14 17:36:54