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User Info Putting Some NUMBERS To This Mess; entered at 2020-03-07 20:37:19
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I still think the global financial impact is going to be the big story. Im not sure I believe the double every few days will keep happening but people arent traveling and so many events are canceling. With local hotspots no one is eating out. We still expect to see the supply chain impact from China over the next several weeks. How many people are going to be laid off as businesses cut back. If the virus keeps spreading then schools will close. That will force another group of people to quit or get fired or reduce hours. This is all going to be cumulative. This will cause all kinds of unknown problems. Deficits will rise probably a lot. If things keep getting worse the market is in for a big drop. John Mauldins letter this week was all about the financial impact. He seems to think a recession is inevitable. Strangely only China and Europe but if they do I dont see how we can avoid one. The virus is going to make the election very unpredictable. If Bernie somehow got the nomination he could win if this mess isnt under control. Voters blame the incumbent fair or not.
2020-03-07 20:37:19