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User Info Putting Some NUMBERS To This Mess; entered at 2020-03-07 18:33:32
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One thing that comes to mind and has not been discussed anywhere that I have seen:

China is filthy, and culturally they don't seem to give a damn. They blow their nose with their fingers and wipe the snot whereever, kids run around with crotchless pants, tainted/doctored food supplies, but most of all, air pollution.

The smog in Chinese industrial cities-- just google 'chinese smog'-- is the stuff that 21st century Americans cannot fathom unless you bought a building lot on Love Canal. I cannot believe that none of this is an epidemiological factor.

Now imagine this:

Gillions of Chinese packed into pools, who have no qualms excreting in them... culture.fucking.matters.
2020-03-07 18:33:32