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User Info Putting Some NUMBERS To This Mess; entered at 2020-03-07 16:28:06
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THIS is why I regard Karl as the BEST commentator on the internet! The ability to sort out issues with a reasoned evaluation of risks & rewards in a clear, unbiased manner. He and my VA doctor emphasize self control regarding exercise, nutrition and awareness of possible vulnerabilities health wise as I stagger along in my 80's.

Karl's use of METS and VO2MAX are new to me and signify an ignorance of basic pulmonary fitness or vulnerability. Thank you Sir for your intelligent presentation of what's IMPORTANT!! His evaluation of the possible outcome of this current threat to everyone is guidance for everyone to study. Each of us can see where we can improve the odds and to be a beacon to our family & friends with some fortified "poop" from Karl to assist!

2020-03-07 16:28:06