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Tickerguy: @Dlgreif - So what?

There are international agreements between countries that provide immunity to diplomats and military personnel who are in foreign countries on their home country's government business. As a native Washingtonian I have seen and witnessed many foreigners with diplomatic immunity get away everything from parking tickets to literally murder. It was not uncommon to see a car with diplomatic license plates park in handicap parking spots, double park or block a street/alleyway, ignore speed limits, etc.

This immunity is given to protect diplomats and military personnel from being harassed by any government or set up on bogus charges and prosecutions to retrieve secret information. Unfortunately, some foreigners will use this immunity to commit crimes and not pay parking or traffic violations. If you are in an accident and the car is registered to a diplomat and the driver is a diplomat, you S.O.L. for receiving any kind of compensation unless the diplomat's country will volunteer to reimburse you for any damages or injuries.

My high school had a number of students whose parents were diplomats. Most of them were very law abiding people. There were a few who would violate traffic laws. Most countries will recall diplomats who are causing problems in a host country. My Father in law had a diplomatic passport and immunity when he worked for the Dept of State. My wife told me one of the children of another US diplomat in the host country they were stationed was caught violating the drug laws of that country. The child was sent back to the USA almost immediately and the parent was reassigned back to the USA. It is a black mark on any US Diplomats record if they or a family member gets expelled from a host country.

Many countries react the same way if their diplomats or family members are expelled from the USA for criminal behavior. I am sure there are some countries who are not as strict, but I think they are very few. If the crime is serious enough the diplomat's county can remove their immunity and have them arrested and prosecuted in the country the offense was committed. Depending on who the diplomat is will usually determine if the diplomat's immunity will be stripped.
2020-01-14 17:00:52