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User Info Jail All The Fraudsters; entered at 2020-01-14 10:36:22
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Tickerguy wrote..
actuaries are pretty good at figuring out whether he's a carnival barker or not

yes, they are. the issue is whether their employers and regulators apply the facts that they uncover.

right now, from insurance adjusters who have no reason to lie, it is a fact that with identical cars with the exception of driver assist features, the driver assist feature cars are having higher total claims and more total claims per driven mile. they are not being rated higher, sometimes the opposite.

you know that rule of law thing. regarding Tesla, massive recalls have occurred or are in progress for hazards that are statistically much less likely than the per unit actual incidents with Tesla cars. secondly, the actual risks such as fire warrant immediate recall upon the known design flaw which would occur, perhaps rightfully, with any other non Tesla/autopilot/electric drive automotive technology. the authorities are exempting a class of vehicle. so **** what an actuary would say. those in power already made their decisions.

on the insurance end, liability, etc. if this country still exists to any extent as it does now, the common man will continue to get the bill and liability up the poop shoot.

this is why we have to be careful that this dark fantasy of it going to **** does not go to our heads. it is very possible, but too convenient for us, sick as it sounds. the powers that be must know the same. really i think that the more likely scenario is a hard, slow grind down until people truly forget that there was more to life than living in one room, working all day and having no other aspect of life unless majorly rich.

2020-01-14 10:36:22