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Yep @Asimov. In a true grid-down situation it's going to be very bad no matter how you slice it. The way I see it is that for a few days to a couple of weeks, if you're NOT in a major city the crazies will probably not come your way simply because it takes some coordination and thought -- and if any "diversity" shows up in places where it's not expected IFF is very easy and there won't be any cops to do anything about it. "Diversity" will loot and burn their own areas first. They always have and it's really simply about how mobs behave -- there is no thinking going on at all.

But beyond that it gets dicey very fast. I have exactly zero "Rambo" sort of fantasies in that sort of situation. How much fuel do you have and how far/long will it last? The "well, i have a wood stove" folks are funny; those things are trivially detectable from a VERY long way away when being used with any sort of ability to either see or smell. If you're the lone building with an obvious source of heat going and it's 10F outside, well....

Anything with a footprint you can detect from more than a trivial distance is trouble. I can make a rocket stove in the backcountry easily and it'll keep me warm and give me a way to cook whatever I managed to kill, and it's not detectable (if I'm careful) from more than a few hundred feet distant, assuming whoever is looking doesn't have working tech (e.g. IR goggles.) If he DOES have said tech and a rifle I'll never see the dude who shoots and eats me.

If things go to **** at that level my expectation is that I'm going to die, but I'll be damned if I'm going to sit in a house with my presence being trivially detected by anyone within a couple of miles. If that's the only occupied building in the area you're going to get overrun and be killed and eaten. Better not to be there when the mob shows up.

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2020-01-14 10:24:23