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@Asimov -- Nice place, more suburban than rural, too close to a major artery to really be defensible but if **** like that starts I have a pretty decent indication that everyone in the immediate area will be shooting in the same direction rather than each other. Of course there are no promises and it only takes a couple of tweakers for things to get really messy, plus I doubt tweaker is any good to eat.

It's Step 1; once I get settled there then the scouting for Step 2 starts, which is the bug-out.

The problem with truly rural "middle of nowhere" is that if TSHTF and you are indeed prepared and more-or-less ok you're going to stick out like a sore thumb. Think about just some basic stuff -- electrical grid is down, for example. Turn a light on or start a generator at 0200 and everyone within miles will know you're there and that you did it. I've been out in the middle of BF nowhere enough times that I'm fully aware that the security measures to prevent that are serious and difficult, and if a mob of 20 or 50 come after your location you and your family is likely to be food. That's a bet you'll lose often enough that I'm not sure if it gets that bad I'll wait for them to come to me.
2020-01-14 09:50:49