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@Amgrace -
Clearly written, not a long read, and highly recommended. The country we live in is not a democratic republic. I'm not sure how to describe what we are.

One bad event away from a civil war.

@Ihsmta -
Interesting. If I'm in the back seat and the car is driving itself, liability coverage should be provided by the manufacturer. Lawyers may end up having more to do with the introduction of self driving cars than engineers do.

Yep. I've pointed this out since the beginning of this so-called "debate" on self-driving vehicles.

Your "car insurance" bill will be nothing more than comprehensive coverage; theft, hailstorms and the like. And theft will be nearly impossible, since the vehicle, being autonomous, can lock the passenger inside (or not) and drive back to your home, office or a cop shop on command, so if someone steals it the only realistic thing they could do is load it on a flat-bed or into a trailer that prevents it from moving and then chop it up. That sort of theft will happen (chop shops aren't going away) but the "steal it and drive it to the chop shop" will not happen at all, because otherwise the car will know where it went and will lead the cops right to the chop shop!

If there's an accident and it's AV-on-AV then the two manufacturers get to duke it out on the lawyer side. If it's AV-on-Conventional same deal, but the manufacturer gets to duke it out with the human driver. The AV is going to have multiple cameras and sensors running, so who hit who and who's at fault is going to be trivially easy to determine.

But nobody in their right mind will buy a 'car insurance' policy (nor will any state be able to require it) that puts LIABILITY on the driver with an AV. Nope, nope and nope. How this winds up impacting the price of AVs I don't know and for people like Musk who claim that their "autopilot" is far superior to a human driver, well, actuaries are pretty good at figuring out whether he's a carnival barker or not.
2020-01-14 09:37:08