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2020-01-14 07:00 by Karl Denninger
in Technology , 188 references Ignore this thread
Jail All The Fraudsters
[Comments enabled]

Remember that we were told that you'd have fully autonomous driving by 2020?

Tesla was going to be first, but not the only offering for long.

Well, it's 2020.

Where is it?

It turns out that, well, Musk lied.  Like every good carnival barker he also ran the pricing scam to a "T"; buy it now or you will pay more later, a ludicrous statement for software that has never, ever been true in the history of computerized anything.

Now could he get away with that if there was no competition?  Sure.  But there will be competition.

As Tesla's stock flies over $500 a share exactly nobody is holding anyone accountable for that bull****.  Just like nobody is holding Trump accountable for his claim that by the end of his first term the deficit would be zero; it has instead skyrocketed.

Calling something "full self-driving" ought to be good for an instant cement shoe sentence if in fact you cannot punch in a destination, get in the back seat with a bottle of Rum and arrive smashed out of your mind -- without breaking any laws.  Since the car by definition doesn't require you, it also doesn't require you be sober.  Oh, by the way, it also has no liability premium on your insurance either, because you can never be personally (and thus legally) responsible for a crash.

Marketing pablum is nothing new; it dates to well, the beginning of marketing.

But specific claims for which you charge money are a different matter.  You've collected money under a false pretense.

We all know what that word is.....

PS: I'll bet I won't be able to buy an actual full self-driving car within the next 10 years.  But since Tesla said "by 2020" placing a bet on it is a loser for anyone who does it, since the bet has already been lost.

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