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I'm thinking more along the lines of Independent Living, to the beginnings of Assisted Living.

Long-term hotel style. Chow hall serves 3 hots a day, in the dining room only. Accessible rooms with panic buttons. Sick call every morning, so the nurse can tell me if the weird sores on my ass are from the chlamydia making it's way around the building, or from playing World of Warcraft 19 hours a day.

When I can't **** on my own any more, you kick me out.

Can you profit off that for $50/day at some reasonable building size? Less? More?

And if you are building/remodeling now, wire Ethernet to every room. Not too many years until crotchety old people will be bitching because they can't stream to Twitch in 4k60.
2020-01-13 12:26:28