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My 101 year old Dad is now in the DeKalb County Rehab and Nursing Center. They have a large bureaucratic structure imposed on them by state and federal regulations. I see the nurses staying at least 2 hours after their shift ends just to write up all of the required reports.

The nurses there are generally superb, and the CNAs are too. So the residents get at least decent care, despite the efforts of the state and federal regulators.

One of my friends is the now retired head of the Dementia Ward there, and she regularly butted heads with the state inspectors. The inspectors insisted that proper hand sanitation required that any time a resident shook hands with a caregiver, that the latter was required to use hand sanitizer. Then, there was the requirement that any resident taking a cookie from the cookie jar was required to put on a plastic glove. There was a hand painted sign on the exit doors proclaiming them to be exit doors, but that was not according to state code, either. Deb told the state inspectors that the residents had dementia, but they were not stupid. The implication of the caregiver's regulation on hand sanitizer, implied that the residents were dirty, and that was a quality of life issue. I had her give 3 guest lectures in my public policy courses, and she gave a great guest lecture each time. Immediately after she finished her presentation, the line started forming. "My mother is doing this, and my grandfather is showing the symptoms of dementia, what do I do?" And since she has worked in this area for several decades, she would give them sage advice.
2020-01-13 12:14:27