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User Info America First? No: Billions First, Americans Never; entered at 2020-01-13 11:55:19
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The money-grubbing nincompoops infesting our government will do whatever it takes to keep the money flowing their way. I understand that the Saudis being trained at various bases are the kids of the elites in Saudi Arabia and have a huge sense of entitlement and are not serious students. Not so about the European and Asian students. Before the Shah of Iran was overthrown, Iranian students were trained at various military installations throughout the US. The shipyard in my hometown had a contract to build 4 advanced (Kidd class) destroyers for the Iranian navy. All of that stopped when the regime in Iran was overthrown. We supplied Stinger missiles to Hong Kong when it was a British colony. Let's guess who has had them long enough to reverse engineer them and make upgrades. Bill Clinton allowed advanced radar technology to be passed to the Communist Chinese. The Augean stables in Washington AC/DC need a good cleansing.
By the way, some of your previous posts have mentioned boiled ropes being used to solve some of our problems. What does boiling do for ropes? Just in case I might need to use one.
2020-01-13 11:55:19