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@Elkad That's a trickier question than it sounds like. Actual hands-on time from a caregiver amounts to 2 hours. Getting a decent independent caregiver to come by your house is $25-35/hour, 2 hour minimum here. But meds can be a 12 or even 24 hour regime. You just passed $.25M/year for in home service. In a group home setting, caregiver time is more like $hr / how many residents. We'd also look at reducing caregiver time because there has to be a house manager involved on location. The sheer amount of logs and reports will probably amount to 2-3 man hours/day.

A good strategy is turning the guest room into the caregiver quarters and leaving them time in the day to work with other clients. Back out their rent and meals. Another one I don't see people doing is getting together with life long friends and building your own facility or moving in with whoever has the biggest house. Grab a local young person and pay to have them certified.

Here's a gag. Arizona pays people to foster kids. Good news kid, we got you a nice safe house AND you get a career in health care! Completely free!

Once again, slave labor rescues the business model.

2020-01-13 11:03:26