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Well over 90% of my patients have at least one of these, most have multiples. All of these are lifestyle diseases.

Yep. And we are the bad guys for pointing out the obvious.

side note:

I have a friend who is over weight and needed neck surgery. Doc flat out told him he was too fat and that his chances of success were really low at this point. Get your weight down to XXX, by eating healthy which will also clean up your numbers on your blood work(beginning Diabetes) and I will do it. He didn't take it well, but thought about it and really wanted this Doc because of his success rate. He made a decision to start eating HFLC, lost 80 lbs, and feels so much better. His surgery is a week from today. I told him I was proud of him. He swears he isn't going back now that he has a new lease on life.
2020-01-13 09:04:25