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User Info Beaker! (Podcast); entered at 2020-01-12 20:09:41
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Registered: 2019-04-22
My advice:
Mexico. Drugs both legal and illegal are cheap. Healthcare is cheap. *****s are cheap. Food is cheap.

Build a nice house somewhere down in Baja or outside of PVR and enjoy the beach and the sun, if you want to make extra money, do contract work online with satellite internet.

Worried about defending yourself?

Not a problem, you can pay what amounts to $8 and drive to Mexico City to the only licensed gun store and buy yourself a few handguns and shotguns to protect your property.

I know several expats who are doing it, is it less 'safe' than here?

Not really, as long as you are not an idiot. Don't flaunt your money, don't******off the Cartels. In most touristy places the Cartels are like the old school Mafia, they keep the peace and deliver candy to your door like ordering a Pizza.

I have friends that have done Mexico and China and the Philippines and whenever I talk to them, they are saddened and disgusted by what we put up with here.

It says a lot one when they say they feel more free in a one party Fascist ethnostate than they do in their own country.
2020-01-12 20:09:41