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>>one wonders if this whole ramp in medical costs is designed to capitalize on this demographic and perform the most epic asset stripping scheme in history.>>

I don't wonder one iota. It's right in front of our faces, with .gov and .med and .insurance scaring the **** out of the older population, who will spend anything and everything to pretend that they're not getting older; to be taken care of; and to get 'what they deserve.' The companies that own 'retirement facilities' hire us on occasion to window dress the overpriced 'care' facilities and pretend to include 'gardens' used for 'therapy' and 'wellness.' Sometimes the results meet the definitions of those words; often not though. Having the facility there, does not mean that the 350lb 70 y.o. on O2 will use it, but they like the fact that it's there. Having seen some of these people, I wonder how well-marbled their bodies are, or if the fat layer is just six inches thick on top of the basic human frame.

Well they (we) will sure as shooting get what is deserved. (shooting will not be optional).

Tom S.
2020-01-12 16:04:43