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User Info Beaker! (Podcast); entered at 2020-01-12 14:32:26
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@Tickerguy -- thanks for the clarifications.

what really sucks about this is that the price for insurance should be the ****ing price regardless of personal income. like at my mechanic the multimillionaire pays the same for the same exact job as the grocery clerk. price discovery is the same for both of them for equivalent product or service. last i checked everyone has a comparable body.

hiding the insurance price from those who could not pay it only raises the actual cost for everyone. socialism being what it is; a hard cutoff creates an injustice and negative achievement incentive. how many little businesses or even medium sized companies or working class jobs are not being created due to this mess. let's not even begin to talk about all of the fraud committed due to the demands of this program.

then again we educated a whole two generations into the concept of socialism. those with less money paid less for education passing on the costs to others with no price discovery until we reached a point where no one could afford it without massive debt.

the health debt is being charged to the greater society through inflation due to no price discovery.

about the only thing that makes sense is some subsidy for the very poor charged to the individual state in its entirety. create poor people situation where they cannot afford medical care, pay for it. then again this requires visiting my favorite subject, welfare in general.

a lot of very gifted and industrious people have dropped out of the system or learned to play it. society always loses the smart and hard working ones first.
2020-01-12 14:32:26