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User Info Beaker! (Podcast); entered at 2020-01-12 13:22:58
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@Tickerguy -- no one could have said it better.

would add that it is the nature of many businesses to exist in the hole for their owners. even some large operations, run diligently and within the law, do not net their owners anything near a six-figure income. it is a little secret that many self-employed people do not earn the big numbers that observers assume. when i was building my business and during some down times, hell i would have been right in the hole. it can take years to get to higher numbers in traditional business as opposed to hot things. problem is that few discussing and legislating this ever had a payroll or accts receivable.

you mention the cutoff on the low end. makes me smile to think that a lot of "self-employed" income is added to filings to fix this, "oh, ****," moment.

one ****ed up thing of which i have direct knowledge. for low income Medicaid in an expansion state or the subsidized coverage, they do not consider assets. the politics behind this must be very interesting. the example that you mention of a profoundly disabled child, is that subject to different regulation?

one major issue is that a person can be in the coffin corner of not wanting to make too much money to be not subsidized or off Medicaid which is then too little to eat or live indoors.

i know that you decided upon TN, but did you or your daughter consider a no income tax state which also has expansion? someplace like NV. then you would not have to manage income so close to the wire. she could maybe get a start at something. it is really nice here. find myself smiling a lot in this area of the country. i promise to never bother you if you decide to come here instead.

am i correct that in a non-expansion state there is no subsidy of any kind above the Medicaid cutoff?

does not matter for me as i go naked even though i qualify. yea, ****ing stupid people say. easier to live with myself. never took from insurance or the govt, never will.

yep, in NYC, my house, taxes, utilities, insurance, cars, food, alternative medical expenses, some fun under 17K per year. but not for long, heh, heh.
2020-01-12 13:22:58