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Jal -
If you were to find the right button, to motivate people, then your readership would grow exponentially. Like really fast really quick.

I do not dispute Americans have been indoctrinated to "don't rock the boat", as it goes hand in hand with public schools and the formation of the family. However how many times have you lost your keys, only to have them in your hand. Or misplaced your glasses only to have them on your forehead. Or even search for your car, only to discover it is right where you left it.

The button to motivate people (most)is already in that person's hand, on top of their forehead, or still sitting right where it was placed last. Yes, it would be great if American's pulled their collective heads from their collective asses. But they will not. And although Karl does a great job in laying out the Who, What, Where and even Whenish as to Why this "unrocked" boat will sink like concrete. He cannot tell them any more clearly and consistently to open their hand and look or look on top of their damn head.

He can not tell you or I or any of the other readership to go out and tell people - Look what is in your hand! Now use those keys to help get you out of the******room. And short of going out with a sandwich board and megaphone, (which will be silenced) I am not sure what more I can do to make people understand.

The message is clear, the message has been stated for years, and the message has been unchanged during those years. You, anyone reading Market-Ticker and myself need to carry that message out where we can tailor that message to them.

Good Luck!

2020-01-12 12:27:41