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User Info Beaker! (Podcast); entered at 2020-01-12 11:42:29
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Registered: 2007-09-10 Scottsdale, AZ
Karl, you last comments are so true that every time I look at my insurance bill, I want to puke. Being self employed, I have no idea from month to month what the business will make eliminating any possibility that I even consider the subsidized plans. The penalty for actually being productive and making a living has become very extreme and has forced people to make drastic choices. You make a choice to live in a hut and keep your income down or try to outlast the premium race and make enough to afford it. Everyone in the middle is totally screwed and that seems to be a majority of the people.
The left wanted to force as many people into Medicaid as possible and so far they are getting their wish. They weren't counting on getting their extortion payment overturned and now are suing to get the Supreme court to reverse that and bring the tax back.
Your comments on the Fed have never ringed so true. Just saw CHS put up his blog:
and he is reiterating your comments. I personally believe that the Fed is either hiding something very bad or simply using it as an excuse to print money that is going straight into the stock market.
We will never know until something blows up. They are controlling everything on wall street including the media, so there are a lot of folks that actually believe the economy is growing. Scams and lies everywhere and the devil his having his day....
2020-01-12 11:42:29