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2020-01-12 09:30 by Karl Denninger
in Health Reform , 243 references Ignore this thread
Investment: Long Boiled Rope Futures
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Gee, what have I said for the last, oh, 20 years?

We over pay for medical care in all respects by as much as ten times.

I can take 80% off medical costs in an afternoon.

And now, here's another example:

That's close to 20 times the "billed price" that is actually demanded and due.

It is hard documentation of extortion, which is a serious criminal felony: "Buy this insurance or be ruined by something that we will bill you 20 times as much for."

This crap results in one dollar in five spent in the United States today!

Medicare For All will not resolve any of this.

Nor will Donald Trump or anyone else in the GOP.

Why not?  Because it is this, above and beyond everything else, that has resulted in all those "wonderful jobs reports"; on average some four hundred thousand people a year every year for the last decade totaling four million employed and 90% of them never provide a single second of care to a single person.

Let me remind you that last year we added about 1.2 million people to the workforce (defined as everyone 16 years of age or older.)  That's an excellent (100% accurate) proxy for the birth rate (+ immigration, both legal and otherwise) 16 years ago for obvious reasons.  The birth rate is lower today, incidentally, in no small part because of this sort of financial rape.

The claim made is that those 400,000 employed are "required"; this implies that for every care-giver there are only three people who receive care.  That's obvious bullcrap; every doctor and nurse in fact takes care of dozens if not hundreds of people; even in an intensive setting like a hospital a surgeon performs, on average, about 400 procedures a year.  The average person in a hospital likely requires one -- or less.

Almost every one of those "new hires" provides zero care to anyone; all they do is screw you, and this is one of the many felonious ways they do it -- by extorting you into purchasing a $1,000 a month "insurance policy" under the threat that if you don't they'll bill you twenty times as much money if something bad happens.

This a criminal racket and has been for decades; why in the Hell are you willing to put up with it?

The government will not stop this with "Medicare For All" because if they do the stock market crashes and they know it.

Ditto for the GOP.

Never mind that all of this is illegal.  It has been illegal for more than 100 years.  It is illegal to conspire to restrain trade, fix prices or stomp on competitors -- say much less run extortion schemes to force tied sales, the latter of which (forced tied sales) is also explicitly illegal.

Wake the **** up America; until the population makes clear that either this crap stop or boiled rope will be used this will not stop and you will not see real progress in your standard of living as it will all be absorbed and stolen by these brigands with the explicit support and cheering on by government itself.

Yes, the title of this article is to go long boiled rope futures.

But given the fact that absolutely nobody in this nation will stand up and demand that this crap stop the more-certain way to profit is to short those futures contracts instead, since nobody in this nation will, it appears, ever use or credibly threaten to use same whether in the form of lawful and peaceful means, such as a general strike, or otherwise.

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