The Truth About Sharia: It's About Killing YOU
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2019-08-27 14:43 by Karl Denninger
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The Truth About Sharia: It's About Killing YOU
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Isn't it time we ripped the band-aid off the sucking chest wound called Sharia along with all the other totalitarian ideas in government, including ours?

“A Washington, DC, mom says her political-consultant husband left her for Rep. Ilhan Omar, according to a bombshell divorce filing,” the newspaper reported. “Dr. Beth Jordan Mynett says her cheating spouse, Tim Mynett, told her in April that he was having an affair with the Somali-born U.S. representative.”

A cheating spouse who, at the time he began this alleged affair, was cheating with another married person, specifically Ilhan Omar.

Now Omar has just recently separated from her alleged husband.  I say "alleged" because it's also alleged that she married her brother, and thus there's plenty of question as to exactly who she's married to.  You see, under the law in the US you can only be married to one person at one time and until you're divorced officially you're still married.

Now as a practical and ethical matter once you file -- not so much.  I have no quarrel with someone who decides to get involved with someone else after filing for divorce.  You've declared the marriage is over in public by filing and that the courts want to sit on their ass for months or years is not properly your issue.

However under Islamic Law Ilhan would be subject to being stoned to death for adultery.

And there lies the problem -- Sharia, like the rest of these sorts of things, isn't really about everyone having a code of morality everyone is expected to uphold with the same punishments meted out to everyone who does not.

If it was Omar would willingly accept being stoned -- right here and now.  After all that is what her faith, voluntarily taken on and maintained by her holds, right?

This "discrepancy" is not unique to the Muslim scam called Sharia.

Indeed Catholics claim that all sex outside of heterosexual marriage is wrong, sinful and could lead you to be damned.  Yet Priests have thought otherwise for decades, and worse, they even go for people who are unable to freely consent by law in many cases -- little boys.  Then, to top it off, they did their level damndest best to cover it up so that they wouldn't face the music for their crimes -- a cover-up that continues today and despite the bleating of all the so-called politicians and law enforcement folks has yet to lead to very many imprisonments or worse.

How about Dennis Hastert?  It's against the law to molest boys, right?  Not if you're Speaker of The House to be, it appears.  Oh, yes, that was before then.... but gee, that blackmail material was pretty good wasn't it?  Do we know if it was used?  Of course not.  What do you think?  And oh, isn't blackmail illegal too, never mind the public corruption inherent in kowtowing to it?  How many bills never saw the floor of the House and how many were brought to the floor specifically as a result of this?  Nobody knows and nobody's digging into that and trying to find out either.

How about Epstein?  Exactly who didn't cavort with that clown?  Let me guess -- all these people had no idea he was a serious abuser of young girls.  Uh huh..... sure..... how many of them were buried balls-deep in one of said girls themselves?  My money is on "most, if not all."

So what's the truth behind all of this?

Right here folks, as I wrote the other day.

Sharia and it's "prohibitions"?  A scam.  Sharia "compliant" nations and regions have produced some of the worst terrorism in the last 50 years.  Yet these terrorists drink, eat and fuck things they're not supposed to according to Sharia law just before doing their deeds.  Why?  They're immune, according to their belief; the victims of said rapes and such are destroyed and left to twist in the wind.

Everyone else gets stoned, and I'm not talking about the sort of stoning that comes from smoking a joint either.

The US and it's much-vaunted prohibitions against sex with children, including international travel to do so?  A scam.  Our political class has made multiple mockeries of this law, including the Congressional Page scandal, Hastert and today you probably could make a shorter list of the non-corrupt through and via Epstein than those who are.  They're immune; almost nobody has been busted and sent to jail for those crimes and the victims are destroyed and left to twist in the wind.

Everyone else -- the garden variety ordinary citizen creep -- goes to prison for the exact same offense and gets raped, beaten or murdered while there.

A cop goes to shoot a dog that might be displaying aggression and shoots an innocent civilian.  He is not charged with manslaughter.

Everyone else is responsible for every round that leaves their weapon until it comes to rest, and if you hit someone unintended you do go to prison.

Eric Holder runs guns to Mexican Drug Lords, including one later used to kill an American Border Patrol Agent, and there is no indictment, no prosecution, nothing -- he ultimately leaves off with all of his benefits and even today pontificates on this and that.

If you, on the other hand, did anything remotely similar you'd get 15 years or more of hard time in the federal slam-slam on top of being indicted as an accessory before the fact to the murder.

Now tell me exactly how "Sharia" is any different than what we have here in the West today?

It's not, and yet this very factor is why the Colonists rose up in 1776 and kicked the British out of this country.

It was not taxation.  It was that the Crown and its "selected few" could do almost literally anything they wanted while anyone else -- the common person -- went to prison or was asset-stripped to their underwear for the exact same act.

Every one of the prohibitions found in the Bill of Rights is designed precisely to prevent that, exactly none of them are being enforced or honored as-written, and we do not deserve the nation our founders gave us because we, the people, keep allowing this crap to continue each and every day.

What we are allowing to go on in this nation -- right here, right now -- is just as bad as Sharia Law's "prohibitions" and is being as-equally enforced as the prohibitions found in Sharia are.

Ilhan Omar sits in Congress today as proof.