Act Lawlessly, Garner Disrespect
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2019-08-19 07:09 by Karl Denninger
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Act Lawlessly, Garner Disrespect
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Oh blow me.

The time has come to have a national dialogue regarding the police of our nation and why a growing number of our fellow citizens seem to view them as the enemy.

Dangerous lines are being crossed, lives are being lost, and needed authority and protections are being weakened.

During last week's shootout and standoff in Philadelphia in which six police officers were wounded, some of the bystanders were observed openly insulting the police who were putting their lives on the line to subdue the suspect.

Also last week, a highway patrol officer was shot and killed in the line of duty in Riverside, Calif., and two others wounded.

In recent months, officers have been ambushed or gunned down in Georgia, Wisconsin, Sacramento, Los Angeles, and Missouri. In June, 36 officers were injured during orchestrated attacks in Memphis. And nine New York City police officers have killed themselves this year.

So what?

All of this has been earned.

Let's submit the truth to a candid world, as the author of this piece knows damn well.

The cops have become brigands, thugs, enforcers for lawless felons and thieves over the last few decades.

The shooter in Philadelphia had been arrested on myriad occasions.  In 2001 he was arrested for possession of a firearm with an altered serial number -- near-immutable proof that the firearm was stolen.  He was convicted in 2008 of fleeing from police and resisting arrest, along with illegally possessing guns.  And in 2014 he was arrested for "false imprisonment" (attempted kidnapping, basically) and drugs.  This is what CBS News reports but it's intentionally watered down by the press to cover for the outrageous, repeated and intentional "walking" of someone with a rap sheet as long as your arm.  Exactly how many aggravated assaults do you get to commit "free"?  Reckless driving as well (apparently resulting in an accident) along with fleeing from the scene?

These are crimes against people with real victims, not "mere" drug possession and he wasn't prosecuted for any of them.

And by the way, after his first conviction and apparent release, while on probation, he got busted and pled guilty again for both drugs and weapons, the latter of which was dropped.

Then there's the robbery and kidnapping -- apparently with a gun -- that weren't prosecuted.  What about the victim who was robbed and kidnapped?

Why would I respect an agency that treats kidnappers as "friends" and doesn't throw them in prison?

Hell, those swine are accomplices!

Do you believe these are "isolated incidents"?  They're clearly not.

Every single day cops, including federal, state and local, intentionally turn their heads and in fact assist in the commission of myriad felonies against ordinary people.  It's not just the thugs like this guy stuffing guns in people's faces.  It's also the rampant, intentional and daily violations of laws small and large by the "large corporate interests" who in many cases are allied with the government itself.  Specifically, virtually every single hospital and other medical provider in the nation facially violates 15 USC Chapter 1 and their violations have twice resulted in them attempting to claim immunity for same going all the way back to 1979 in Royal Drug at the US Supreme Court.

They lost both times.

You'd think with nearly 40 years of serial law-breaking on a daily basis and not one but two failed attempts at the Supreme Court to claim immunity from said laws there would be thousands of executives and "health providers" sitting in prison, considering that these violations are 10 year felonies carrying $100 million fines as well per occurrence -- that is per person harmed.

You'd be wrong: I cannot document even one such arrest and prosecution.

Indeed the US DOJ, after Arthur Andersen, actually issued policy that large firms were not to be criminally indicted.  Nowhere is such "policy" supported by law and the DOJ has no authority to re-write law.  Only Congress can do that, and it has not.  Indeed, anti-trust law, 15 USC Chapter 1, was written explicitly due to the actions of corporations over 100 years ago and was intended specifically to charge both the firms and their executives individually as a matter of criminal law, which is why it explicitly contains separate penalties for both individuals within corporations and the corporations themselves.

As such every element of the DOJ including every single FBI agent is nothing more than an enabler -- that is, accomplices and armed "muscle" -- to myriad corporate felons that between them rob you of trillions of dollars each and every year.

What's even worse is that the willful and intentional refusal to enforce immigration laws at both state and federal levels where various businesses are knowingly supporting and employing illegal invaders.  This screws the least-capable -- those on the left side of the bell curve for ability, education and intelligence -- the worst.  From the "money transmitters" (such as Western Union) that deliberately violate "know your customer" and similar laws which make structuring and failing to report suspicious transfers a criminal offense amounting to billions transferred out of the United States by tax evading criminals (that is, those very same illegal invaders) to state and local thugs-in-blue who intentionally look the other way and in fact release invaders rather than turning them over for prosecution and who refuse to arrest business owners and executives both large and small we have yet another example of so-called "law enforcement" being nothing more than willing and intentional accomplices to criminal activity that has, on a repeated basis, led to citizens being assaulted, raped and even murdered say much less screwed out of jobs they would otherwise have.

Then there's the claim that "most" cops are good but there are, as with any group, a few "bad apples."  If that was true then every time there was a dirty cop there'd be 10 good ones that would immediately turn on said dirty cop and out them, insisting they be arrested and prosecuted.  How often does that actually happen?  Almost never, which once again marks all of the rest of them as willing accomplices.

Yet we're told we should "respect" these cum-stains and it's "dangerous" not to?  Fuck that; everyone in this nation gets financially hosed by this horsecrap and what's worse is that if I or anyone else find myself as a victim of a violent assault the record in Pennsylvania makes clear that the perpetrator is likely to be let go instead of prosecuted!

I'll show some respect when the "blue" folks start doing their job instead of enabling violent felons and corporate interests that rob every single lawful citizen in this nation out of more than three trillion dollars every single year in America, never mind the victims of assault and kidnapping that get zero recourse to the law.  Shall I point to Epstein and his "sweetheart" deal in Florida?  How many young girls were sexually assaulted and had no recourse to the law so various rich and powerful people could walk free?  We already know that a former US President has lied about his association with said jackwad.  Was he one of the people who's interests were "more important" than young girls who were raped as determined by so-called "law enforcement."  How about Dennis Hastert, the former speaker of the US House?

Until all this crap stops everyone who "demands" said "law enforcement" people be respected get an identical response as were I to see one of them on fire I wouldn't even stop to piss on them to put it out:


PS: As for "gun control" until the felon-enablers cut that crap out guns are all the law-abiding people of this nation have left as a means of lawful and reasonable self-defense.  We sure as hell can't call the felon-enablers and expect them to do anything about the criminals!