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I have immigrated in the US from Eastern Europe. It was 1999 when I got by mail forms and papers to fill before I can schedule an interview in the embassy of the US in my birth country.

The most important required documents were:

1)proof of all vaccinations,

2)proof that I do not have tuberculosis (those were issued by just one hospital, by just one unit in that hospital, that was trusted by the US government) and a

3)proof that I have a diploma from a high school or higher educational institution

4)proof of a bank account showing enough money, that will allow me to sustain myself for at least 3 months (I cheated this one requirement because everyone was so poor in my homeland at that time. I opened an account and borrowed $6,000 for a month putting my parents' house as collateral, just to show it on the interview. Sure they asked me why was this account opened just a few days before the interview and I said that I just sold all my possessions, so nothing holds me back and I am ready to go to America)

4)proof in the form of a letter, that I am going to be 'sponsored' by a person(guarantor) already living in the US. The letter had to be signed by them and notarially stamped and had to state, that they will help me find work, show me where to go and learn the language, and if for reason or in any way I would have become a burden to the American society, and it is determined it was their failure, the guarantor will be responsible to pay back to the US government all expenses incurred on my behalf by the taxpayers.

And all that just to schedule an interview and be considered as a prospective immigrant.

By the way, the INS agents actually called and interviewed my guarantor - asking him how we know each other, how long we know one another, has he received any money to be a guarantor and all kind of personal questions to be sure we are not scamming them.
2019-08-13 19:36:23