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User Info Trump = LUCY; You = CHARLIE BROWN; entered at 2019-08-13 14:01:33
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Yesterdays 400 point loss is exactly why Trump bent over and walked away his tariffs. He thinks that the markets will save his reelection but as soon as this red flag BS hits, he is completely toast. I don't even think it matters anymore because so many people are so easily swayed about the smallest things. After we have a few more staged shootings, then that will put a number of nails in Trumps coffin. If he thinks that jacking the markets today on nothing but BS will keep it in a uptrend, he is sorely mistaken. The real economy is rolling over like an elephant on a flea. Product demand is cratering right now and this tariff issue is a complete non starter. He is only interested in protecting his own interests along with those of his masters on wall street.
Karl's comments on slaves is more true today then ever before. Our taxation system, medical system, education system and welfare system makes sure that most folks will never be able to dig themselves out of the hole. We can work harder and longer, but the costs keep rising faster then wages. This seems like it is completely orchestrated to keep people down.
2019-08-13 14:01:33