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User Info There Are No Coincidences; entered at 2019-08-13 10:09:13
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Reminded me of the IF YOURE NOT OUTRAGED YOURE NOT PAYING ATTENTION bumper stickers that were oh so popular around 2003-04. I assume it was a passive aggressive protest over the war, but soon as B.H.O. won office the stickers were gone and all was fine - except that the troops are still in the Middle East 15 years later. Guess there was a new cause for a bumper sticker, and that's about the most you can expect from people these days. The current bumper sticker is a Twitter or Facebook comment. I did my part, I said I was outraged!

Honestly we deserve whats coming to us. Far more people are checking social media or watching Youtube vloggers comment on pop culture than are reading the Ticker. Blissfully distracted as we slide to collapse. Silicon valley provides the circuses and the fed gives us bread via EBT and other handouts. We are Rome.
2019-08-13 10:09:13