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User Info Greta: No We Don't; entered at 2019-08-13 09:28:16
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wonder how many birth-control pills she has to choke down to avoid that special time during the journey.

as a sailor who supervised the construction of a few boats for friends, there is an epic amount of petrochemical product used in construction, not to mention that the exotic materials only increase the waste and pollution. the sails are often very short life as in one trip like this, and they are made from petrochemicals and cannot be recycled. the boat also uses very expensive metal alloys wherever metal is required. boats are notoriously difficult to junk; often the only permanent final solution is incineration. materials such as fiberglass and carbon fiber have the potential to be the next asbestos.

with the exotics we used to say that the faster the boat, the more miserable the ride. a boat that can keep itself in heavy seas would probably take twice as long for the journey. these trips are timed with the seasons to maximize safety and availability of wind. personally crossed the Atlantic alone in a floating tank, happy, and once delivering an ocean racer to the Mediterranean, not so happy, and this was a boat that still had creature comforts and a kindly movement in the seas. one of these boats, no ****ing way.
2019-08-13 09:28:16