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OK, now I'm ranting. I'll be honest - the biggest issue with some of these technical industries is the fact that people not only have no concept of what's involved in them, but they don't even care to learn enough to understand the basic scope. Everything is freaking "easy" when you don't understand how it works. When it's "easy", you should pay someone else $15/hr to do it like you might pay someone to cut your lawn.

Case in point: I just got off the phone with a consultant I frequently partner with who is the PM on an ongoing project for a client. My company has been writing code on this thing since April. I can't give any details on what it does or the secret sauce because of an NDA.

Anyway, this sucker has an Angular front end for a couple of admin and user pages, web api, mssql db, hosted on Azure. There's a custom calculation engine for project costing that I wrote that lives in a DLL and is connected to the API. That sucker is 100% covered by unit tests.

Oh, and the client has redesigned it 4 times already. Since April.

So today the PM walks into their offices and gets his ass chewed by a c-level exec because we've been working on it...since April and it's not done yet. They redesigned the thing 10 days ago. So here's the punchline - the exec tells the PM that if he knew it would take this long, he would have hired an high school student to do it.

That's why they would rather hire 9 third world developers instead of someone with 20 years of experience.
2019-08-12 16:17:00