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User Info Trump Has Done NOTHING - AGAIN; entered at 2019-08-12 11:51:45
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Offshoring jobs and onshoring immigrants has been the trend for decades. And it's only intensified; the trend will continue until the collapse of Western Civilization. And I don't just mean the collapse of one country, e.g., France, Germany, Great Britian or Empire America. I mean the whole damn thing. All of it. ALL of the Western Countries that matter are both offshoring and onshoring by the hundreds of millions.

Diversity Empire America is now the third most populated country in the world. And who is populating it? The OtherColors, that's who... And I'll give you one guess how this demographic shift ends. Do you think it's a happy or unhappy ending?

What's actually been happening to America is an historical cycle. And historical cycles don't play out in the exact same way each and every time, but they all rhyme. Can you hear the music?

"Ground control to Major Tom: the circuit's dead and there's something wrong"....

What's wrong? I'll give an example: 30 years ago California used to be how White? (80%)--- and how Republican ( super majority)? Where did Ronald Regan come from? Just take a look at California now... And in case it has escaped your notice Florida and Texas are in a race to become the New California. What happens to the American Diversity Empire after the race is over?

My oh my! How times have changed.

There was a time when the White Man exterminated the American Bison and basically starved the American Indian(s). For every White Man who was killed by an Indian the Colonial Powers were shipping in a 100 White replacements. Outnumbered, outgunned and undersupplied the American Indian (including dozens of great Indian Nations) were vanquished... Who's getting their ass handed to them now?

What goes around comes around, and it ain't always fair. As a very White Man, myself, I sure don't like what's happening to my race. The White Man is on the downward part of the demographic cycle. And once a certain percentage of loss has been reached, it's over for the White Western Civilization. All of it.

My youngest is going to college to become a chemical engineer. In real terms it won't pay anything near what his grandfather made during the amex of White Civilization, but here in Houston (where there are still some high paying jobs) it'll be better than most degrees... And at least all of my immediate family are on the same page as me. We all know how this ends... It's only a matter of time... tick, tick, tick... BOOM!

2019-08-12 11:51:45