Trump Has Done NOTHING - AGAIN
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2019-08-12 09:30 by Karl Denninger
in Corruption , 250 references Ignore this thread
Trump Has Done NOTHING - AGAIN
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Call it what it is folks.

Intentional lying by both industry and government-funded institutes designed to severely damage the rate of pay for high-skill, high-cost labor.

Just like industry does on the low end with agricultural and construction working, hiring illegals, the H1b program was designed to screw Americans.

During the late 1990s I became convinced that in order to orchestrate lower wages for scientists, there would have to have been a competent economic study done to guide the curious policy choices that had resulted in the flooded market for STEM PhDs. For this theory to be correct, the private economic study would have had to have been done studying both supply and demand so that the demand piece could later be removed, resulting in the bizarre ‘supply only’ demographic studies released to the public. Through a bit of economic detective work, I began a painstaking search of the literature and discovered just such a study immediately preceded the release of the foolish demography studies that provided the public justification for the Immigration Act of 1990. This needle was located in the haystack of documents the NSF was forced to turn over when the House investigated the NSF for faking alarms about a shortfall.

The National Science Foundation was the source folks.

A US Government agency.

Which, the evidence shows, intentionally, as the author describes:

American industry and Big Science convinced official Washington to put in place a series of policies that had little to do with any demographic concerns. Their aims instead were to keep American scientific employers from having to pay the full US market price of high skilled labor.

At the same time the very same government was underwriting college debt and guaranteeing it.  Then Obama came into office and put that into hyperdrive, resulting in the skyrocketing student debt situation while at the same time the very same government -- ours -- intentionally suppressed wages to screw graduates.

This was a flat-out intentional scam orchestrated at the highest levels of our "research agencies" in cooperation with (and, no doubt, at the insistence of) corporate entities as well.  It was passed through by Congress and signed by the Executive.

It was singularly designed to screw everyone in STEM fields by suppressing their wages while at the same time these very same government entities were cranking the cost of college ever-higher and our government schools were shutting down shop and other vocational classes and insisting that the only way to succeed was to attend said colleges.

This had nothing to do with labor shortages -- not then nor now.  It was and is a scam and Donald Trump has done exactly nothing to resolve it.

To all of you Millennial folks and beyond: Why haven't you started building gallows yet or writing the next edition of a document that begins with "When in the course of human events"?

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