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User Info Greta: No We Don't; entered at 2019-08-12 07:59:32
Posts: 117
Registered: 2011-05-09 Espoo, Finland
For awhile now i have been looking at this green screaming and demads of action and i have concluded that all the arm waving and schematics are incomplete. One major component is missing: Red Terror. Only by applying that can these green new plans 'succeed'

I have personally witnessed here in Helsinki the madness of this eco Zealotry. What stuck with me most was the fact that there was 10yo kids demanding we stop all oil use immediately. And all i could think about was 'sure, lets start with your room. Lets take big plastic waste bags and bag ALL items that have oil used in them in the production and transport'

And now we have a gov here that doesnt have economy listed in their action plan. At all. But enviro is #1. This will not end well.
2019-08-12 07:59:32