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The only answer is organic. Both Occupy and the Tea Party were infiltrated (whether intentionally by government agents or simply by idiocy) and diluted to worthlessness almost instantly. I was part of the Tea Party locally here originally and it became worthless within months. If you've been reading here for a while you know the history on that and my very public positions on same; I spoke at THE FIRST local Tax Day protest. By the second, I was disgusted.

If you want to see what DOES work, see Hong Kong. No "organization" per-se; in China you can't even ATTEMPT it (not that it's materially different in the US in terms of what they CAN intercept and what they WILL use.) Xi would love to shoot or arrest, but that's dangerous if there's no "head" to try to chop off; you arrest 10, 10,000 more show up the next morning, all organically.
2019-08-08 21:17:33