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User Info Get Your Mouth Off His Schwantz; entered at 2019-07-28 09:46:50
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@Kochevnik -
Then add the Medpocalypse numbers onto those. To me, assuming a big recession sometime in the next couple years, 2024 looks like 30 to 35 Trillion total debt.

Yep, and anyone who thinks we can pile up another 50% on the existing ~23 trillion and NOT have it fold back on us is flat-out insane. The Japanese got away with it thus far for only one reason -- they had a HUGE capital stock in the form of personal savings rates that were EXTREMELY high and in addition their social model doesn't have any sort of real welfare dependency; their households tend to be three generations deep (that is, the younger take care of the older DIRECTLY.)

China is "getting away with it" because they literally murder you or force you into a concentration camp (for real!) if you try to resist. Never mind that communist governments simply lie when it comes to economic statistics and, once again, if you try to challenge it in any sort of "official" way you literally disappear. Even there it's showing cracks -- Taiwan and Hong Kong anyone?
2019-07-28 09:46:50