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User Info Citizenship, The Census And Statutory Construction; entered at 2019-07-11 18:46:12
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Apportionment means PROPORTIONAL.

Counting or not under 18 if citizens doesnt change apportionment since in general over the population people tend to have the same percentage of kids; differences from state to state are likely small enough to be statistical noise.

Counting non-citizens, legal or not, DOES change apportionment. It results in a state with a higher percentage of non citizens having the divisor PER VOTER being lower than a state with fewer non-citizens. In other words your representation per-citizen is superior in a state with a higher non citizen count and your vote for the House carries more weight. Statistically this is LARGE; it's SEVEN seats in CA!

That's unconstitutional - period - apportionment requires the divisor be IDENTICAL.

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2019-07-11 18:46:12