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User Info Citizenship, The Census And Statutory Construction; entered at 2019-07-11 18:32:58
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Registered: 2019-04-22
I guess my thinking is if you adopt a strict reading of this, and don't apportion for anyone under 21 (amended 18) years of age, Citizen or not, that means that even if the Birth Right issue is never resolved, those kids can't be used by the politicians as a proxy for their parents no matter what, at least until they reach voting age.

By the time they are of voting age, they are their own people with their own values, hopefully 'naturalized' native born.

I don't really see a solution for that problem, no one seems inclined to open the can of worms to stop the 'birthright' citizenship, let alone strip it from the tens of millions already here.
2019-07-11 18:32:58