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User Info ANOTHER Fold, ANOTHER Screwing; entered at 2019-07-11 18:01:43
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Lenguado wrote..
Hmmmm, Seems that using actual Snake Oil (the real original kind from which the term originated from), since that it at least contained capsaicin - which has a bit of a medicinal / pain relieving capability, would be more effective than going to a hospital / doctor for any medical care or advice anymore . . . .

The last time I saw a doctor (about 5 years ago) he got frustrated with me because he couldn't find a cause for my symptoms. He remarked, "You act like you've never been sick before." I smoldered for a few seconds and then replied, "You act like you've never been put through a wall before." His eyes got big as I stood up, gathered my things, and walked out.

I avoid doctors, and especially hospitals, like the plague.
2019-07-11 18:01:43