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My 2nd grade son has been struggling in school. When I sit down to read with him, it is essentially me reading. So I bought a bunch of flash cards and Kumon Math and reading books for Christmas and really started buckling down with him. Now he can actually read with me and is improving but we are not out of the woods. His mother and I met with the School recently and they've indicated they have seen a dramatic improvement but that he is still behind. So I have decided to enter him into a program this summer to catch him up and the school is willing to give him additional help when he gets back this fall. I told them my goal is to get him caught up or consider having him repeat 2nd grade (He's the youngest kid in his class). Instantly I noticed some fidgeting from the 3 female teachers and the assistant principal. All of them to a tee said that is not a good idea to "retain him" and that it will hurt his confidence and result in bad behavior. I shut them down immediately. I told them that I wasn't worried about his behavior because as a father, I know how to incentivize my son and that a little struggle in life builds character and leaders later in life. Then I look at their written plan for him and it was to continue the status quo of extra help with a goal of him being at mid 2nd grade level by June 2020 which of course would be after 3rd grade. Essentially no improvement for the next 12 months. THEY PUT THIS IN WRITING. I couldn't believe it. Just pass him along to 4th grade at a mid 2nd grade level.
2019-06-12 13:32:07