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User Info Drugs And Hypocrisy; entered at 2019-06-10 15:46:32
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I'm not one bit surprised, but that's just based on what I've seen in my own life experience, and the damage paths others carved around me. I'll have a beer or two in a week; maybe two weeks later a nice bourbon or single malt, maybe a half glass of wine mixed into that month somewhere along the way. Water and no sugar iced tea all the time.

My late father would put away a gallon of bourbon in a week, and did this, I later calculated for at least the last 15 years of his life. He died at 71 after two open heart surgeries, three heart attacks, and smoking for 40 years but not the last ten. It's a wonder he made it that far. He functioned well enough in his career as an engineer to do this. I have no idea how.

My late brother (died at 54 in 2005 due to SEVERE alcoholism) drank at least 2x what my dad did, if not 3x. When I booted him out of my parents place (our Mom was essentially in Hospice care at that point), I cleaned out 71 empty 2-liter vodka bottles that weren't there three weeks before. He continued that pattern I suppose for the next seven years until I got The Call.

Another young relative was on the way to the same fate, but managed to get himself turned around four years ago. He's pretty preachy about the evils of booze, which is fine, but not everyone who has a glass of cabernet, or has 40 or a hundred bottles laid down, is him. He doesn't see the distinction, though.

I know of at least five other cases in our extended family where the outcome was the same. A couple were dead in the 30's, so they hit it hard early. Numerous HS classmates met their end this way as well. At least 10 out of about 380 or so in my class. Probably more, if we were to learn the real circumstances of several fatal single car accidents. "Losing control of his vehicle" looks better in a news story or obituary, than "was a raging drunk and drove his Camaro under a semi at 85 mph without ever touching the brakes."

The ONLY thing that surprises me is the human bodies' capacity to continue on through this kind of abuse.
2019-06-10 15:46:32