Commiefornia Can Fornicate Itself
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2019-06-10 10:06 by Karl Denninger
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Commiefornia Can Fornicate Itself
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The newest bit of stupidity is that Commifornia is going to provide full health coverage to illegal invaders.

They're going to do it by..... taxing those without health insurance.

In other words they're going to try to do what Obama did (e.g. "individual mandate") but virtually all of any such tax will fall on those who have no employer-provided "insurance benefits" -- that means self-employed and poor people.

There will shortly be none of the former in the state, and there are already plenty of the latter, many literally living on the streets.

Of course Commiformia thinks they can somehow make the math work on this.  They can't.  It's not possible.  Exactly how they think they can manage to have the highest taxes in all of the nation and keep those who pay taxes is beyond me.

But... let 'em try.

One thing though -- no subsidies from the rest of us for this stupidity.  And yeah, I mean it.  We the people of the rest of the nation need to make clear to the Federal Government that while the 50 state political experiment is indeed the design of our nation laying the cost off on others will not be tolerated and we will stop it by any means necessary if it is tried.

You can bet it will be tried too; that old prune Pelosuckme needs to hear loudly and clearly that it ain't gonna happen and whatever form refusal must take, it will take.  Peaceful and lawful are my preferred paths, but irrespective of the necessary method of enforcement the answer is NO.

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