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User Info Drugs And Hypocrisy; entered at 2019-06-10 08:02:53
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Registered: 2009-09-10 Cincinnati
I didn't understand this at first but it made sense after thinking about it for a bit. I kept thinking the numbers must be wrong because if I have 2-3 beers I am in no shape to drive, how are people drinking 10 per day? Then I remembered a friend whose grandmother was an alcoholic. She had an operation at the hospital and wasn't getting better and the doctors couldn't figure it out until they talked to the rest of the family. Apparently she was drinking 1/5th liter of vodka everyday, about 10-16 drinks depending on the strength. As soon as the hospital figured this out they hooked her up to an IV of alcohol and she got better right away. Alcohol is possibly a truer hard drug than even opiates because you can literally die from withdrawal. Any tolerance at all means you are an addict and are flushing money down the toilet just to maintain a baseline.
2019-06-10 08:02:53