Tantrump's 'Deal' With MX Is A Fraud
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2019-06-09 11:23 by Karl Denninger
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Tantrump's 'Deal' With MX Is A Fraud
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The so-called "deal" to stave off Mexican tariffs is a scam.

First, there's no evidence required before the tariffs were dropped.  That alone makes it a scam.  Mexico has every reason to keep the over $20 billion a year flowing in from the US to "families" -- many of them coyotes.  It's a huge percentage of their economic "progress" and they will not stop it.

That, incidentally, would be the simple way to stop all of this crap.  Shut off the money.  Make it illegal to send money out of the US unless you are a lawful permanent resident or citizen and impose 1099 requirements on anyone sending more than $600 a year.  To do that you have to keep records, and you have to demand identification.  Doing that shuts down the coyote payments and thus most of the so-called "migrants" since there's no way to pay the coyote once said illegal invader gets here.

Second, these "caravans" are a scam.  They're so easy to find that if Mexico wanted to shut them down completely it would be trivial to do so.  They don't and haven't.  The token show of "force" will do nothing.  Mark my words.

We'll see.  If the numbers for June illegal border crossings are under 10,000 I'll tip my hat to Trump as "success."

But it won't be -- it's virtually guaranteed not to be, because Trump didn't insist on verification before the tariffs were suspended and thus he won't get anything more than what Mexico was doing before the threat.

You #MAGA idiots, on the other hand, also won't stop giving Trump fellatio for yet another fold.  The line forms here and I'm going to sell kneepads.