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User Info Ready To Rise Up Yet? Medicine Is KILLING You.; entered at 2019-05-15 10:50:44
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Fascinating presentation, mostly the mismatch of benefits vs. risk issue.

I just listened to a great long discussion on stents for stable and acute angina. The hammer analogy is perfect, the doctors thought of stents as a cure all. The stents needed to have a drug infused so the artery wall could stabilize. And stents only help for certain situations. There was actually a blinded study done to show whether stents helped. To be clear, that meant patients went into the catheter lab and got a sham operation with no stent installed. There was little difference in the result.

One enlightening image from the talk was a picture of a failed cardiac artery had 7 previous scars until the final attack causing occlusion. And this was the usual sequence. Huge fan of Peter Attia's "The Drive".

To be kind to the doctors I think they get weary of trying to get patients to stop smoking and lose weight (not that they knew the correct method for this) and getting no compliance. They wind up looking for a quick fix and the pharmaceutical companies offer a solution.

Along the same lines, Robert Lustig, has been trying to get sugar reduced for children and then realizing that we have been chasing short term solutions. In particular he is warning that we are pursuing pleasure rather than happiness. In medical terms we are using dopamine hits rather than serotonin. And dopamine receptors become desensitized so we need more and more sugar or video games or whatever. "Hacking of the American Mind"

From the Attia Drive episodes I learned of the new epidemic of NAFLD, Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease. The surgeons would ask a patient if they drank to titrate anesthetic and hear "no". Then find a fatty liver that was considered emblematic of alcoholism. After some number of cases the answer was found, excess sugar consumption. Now NAFLD is a huge cause of liver failure.

My only real insight is that just like smoking vanishing I can see sugar being rare in 20 years.
2019-05-15 10:50:44