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2019-05-15 07:00 by Karl Denninger
in Politics , 179 references Ignore this thread
Careful What You Wish For...
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I find this tremendously amusing....

House Intelligence Committee chairman Adam Schiff floated a new idea at an Axios News Shapers event this morning about how to enforce subpoenas against the Trump administration: fine officials who ignore them.

Why it matters: It's a risky move for House Democrats if they go ahead with it — because it's a largely untested idea, it's not 100% clear that Congress has the authority to do it, and it's definitely not clear how they would enforce it.

Yeah, it's not that simple either.

The inherent contempt power was last used in the 1930s; it was used to arrest people who refused to come testify -- physically arrest them.  But the premise of issuing fines has never been used by Congress.  Whether it actually has the authority to do so and how it could collect them is an open question -- and sure to be challenged.

The not-funny part of this garbage is that when Obama was President the Republican House subpoenaed Eric Holder in relationship to Fast-n-Furious, his gun-running program that got a US Border Agent (and hundreds if not thousands of Mexicans) killed.  Holder put up the middle finger, Congress held him in contempt, the referral went to the same department he headed which then (of course) exonerated him.  Duh.  Congress kept up the pressure, however, but the DOJ ran out the clock.  And that's the basic problem -- it can take years to put these cases through the courts; long enough for it to moot the issue.

Note that what Holder refused to comply with was a subpoena for materials by low-level people within the department, well under his level, that had blocked disclosure and retaliated against whistleblowers.  Obama claimed "executive privilege" over things that had nothing to do with his deliberations with anyone -- well, at least as far as we know.

What Barr has refused to disclose is grand jury material.  He's absolutely correct in doing so; there is literally nothing that would corrupt future investigations more than to destroy the secrecy of the grand jury.

But more to the point, and what Schiff better be damned careful of, is that he seems to think Republicans will never get the House back again.  That's what Reid thought in the Senate too when he changed procedural rules on the filibuster.  He was wrong and the result of his own actions is that now nearly any appointment cannot be filibustered.

If Schiff goes down this road and come 2020 the Democrats lose the House I want to see Eric Holder and Obama personally arrested and put in the dock under the US House of Representatives.  In fact, I can come up with a dozen or more of the jackwads in the DOJ/FBI that can join them too -- including Comey.  I suspect there's a long list of those who would refuse to testify and who then could be have contempt voted upon directly -- and tossed in jail.

Go ahead and do it Schiff, if you're actually so ****ing stupid to try this.  If you manage to establish that the power you seek in fact exists I will be cheering on the day you twist on the end of the rope you in fact purchased and demanded be installed.

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