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User Info Ready To Rise Up Yet? Medicine Is KILLING You.; entered at 2019-05-14 21:10:06
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My half a nickle worth of input on colonoscopy.

Any time a part of your body that is supposed to be covered is exposed you put yourself at risk. Your digestive system replenishes/replaces it's lining about every 5 days, meaning nothing (should) sit around too long. If you are eating healthy and your body chemistry is mostly where it should be your body will naturally pass whatever it cannot absorb through the other side.

If you were to cut your finger, you bleed, once the blood is exposed to air it starts to coagulate, you get a scab and possibly a scare. Your body heals itself. One of the reasons the blood starts to flow quickly and heavily is to push out any foreign bodies, by doing this it also keeps air from entering your body. The tissue under your skin is not designed to be exposed to air, that is why it is covered with skin.

Your intestinal system is no different, it is not designed to have air pumped into it so a camera can be shoved up there. In fact it is not really designed to have anything, gerbils included....Shoved up it.

There certainly is good and sound reasons to have your body explored for medical purposes, but even the simplest exposure to things that should remain outside of it carries risks. Is the risk worth the potential reward?
the test has a roughly 0.4% serious complication rate itself.
Only the person having the procedure can/should answer that. The doctors and other medical personal should give sound advice, but they carry none of the risk. And I personally wonder if some of these procedures actually help contribute to cancer in the long run.

I believe statins just like ADHD drugs can have a viable medical usage, but only for specific situations. Our bodies are amazing things and are capable of healing themselves when we give them what they truly need and at times that might mean a statin or Adderal is what is best for the job. No one would take their car to a mechanic that only had hammers in their garage,yet people trust their lives to medical personal that only want to use a specific tool....Makes one wonder who the real tool is.
2019-05-14 21:10:06