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User Info Ready To Rise Up Yet? Medicine Is KILLING You.; entered at 2019-05-14 18:36:12
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I was having gastro issues (reflux) bad enough I'd thought I was having a cardiac event and went to the ER a couple times. VA couldn't get me an appt with a VA gastro Dr (one at the local VA had quit), so they referred me to a local doc.

He did an EGD, which I agree I needed. Small hiatal hernia, etc. Prescribed me a mountain of zantac and a PPI. Helped a tiny bit, not much. Still had occasional major events.

He (well, his nurse - I've never actually spoken to the Dr.) also wanted to do a colonoscopy. I explained the VA did an annual FIT, and I didn't think it was a necessary procedure. Nurse got irate with me. I mean literally yelling, basically telling me that if I didn't have it done I was going to die of ass cancer.

4 visits later, nothing had improved much. When the attacks are bad, nitro helps, so I keep thinking it's my heart. I tell the gastro nurse that, she's confused. So I get another whole cardio workup, including an angio. No issues. At the rate I'm accumulating blockages, it might be a concern when I'm about 140yrs old.

Kept bugging the VA to get to see their gastro Dr. Finally got an appt after about 6 months. I explained that nitro helped. He instantly said "ahh, esophageal spasms. Nitro relaxes those. Makes people think they are having a heart attack." He fixed everything by prescribing a muscle relaxer. I've stopped my PPI completely, and I'm down to a non-prescription dose of zantac. I also discovered (thanks to a list of things to watch the VA doc gave me) that chocolate is a massive trigger food for me. No amount is safe.

VA fixed me. On the other hand, my primary care pushes a statin at me every visit. I politely decline.
2019-05-14 18:36:12